4★-5★ Evolve Medals

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Special - Evolve Medals 4-5 Stars banner KHUX.png
Special - Evolve Medals 4-5 Stars JP banner KHUX.png

"4★-5★ Evolve Medals" (★★★★〜★★★★★ 進化メダルを手に入れよう! 4★-5★ Shinka Medaru o Te ni Ireyou!?, lit. "Get 4★-5★ Evolution Medals!") is a series of two quests in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ set in Daybreak Town, in which the Player can easily farm Yen Sid and Fantasia Mickey Ver. A Medals. It is accessible on Fridays in the JP version or Saturdays and Sundays in the EN version.