HD Vanitas

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Magic Gem KHX.png 823: HD Vanitas
1010: Vanitas HD Ver
Moon Gem KHX.png
HD Vanitas
A mysterious masked boy who seems to have ties with Master Xehanort.

Kana ヴァニタス HD Ver
Romaji Vanitasu HD Ver
JP Set 25
NA Set 21
Class Attribute STR DEF
Super Rare
5765 5654
Imitation Cost↓ II +5
Unleashes the same special attack as the next Medal. Works only when set before a Medal.
Target Bonus Damage Gauges
Single Target KHUX.png Single Special Attack Bonus Level 7 KHUX.png 7 x1.47 0

HD Vanitas is a Super Rare Attack Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

When using HD Vanitas's Special Attack, it copies the next Medal's Special Attack, damage multiplier, attribute, and target. Its strength, gauge cost, Special Attack Bonus, Skill, and Trait remain unchanged.

In the English version, during the 12/08/17 - 12/14/17 Debut Deal, players had a small chance of drawing a boosted version of HD Vanitas that has 1,000 more base strength and defense.[1]

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