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Pages for deletion

This is the page for listing articles, files, templates, categories, or other pages to discuss deletion. Once a discussion has concluded, an administrator will close the discussion. Discussions may be archived a week after being closed.

In order to keep things moving along on this page, the following rules are in place:

1. Post the article, category, or media to a new section. To add a new heading, click here. You will be given a box to input a header or topic.

2. In the heading or right under it, place a link to the article or media in question. If we can't find it, we can't delete it! Also, please do not give a URL link, or we won't know it has been deleted afterwords!

  • To list an article, type [[article title]].
  • To list a category type [[:Category:Name of category]]. Remember the colon in the beginning or it won't link correctly.
  • To list a template, type {{tl|name of template}} to generate a link to the template.

3. Post Keep, Delete, Merge, or Redirect and a short reason that action should take place. Make sure to add your signature (-~~~~).

4. If you wish to voice your opinion on something already posted, simply edit the section and add #3 to the bottom, remember your signature (-~~~~)!

5. Once a final decision is made by the admin, the discussion is closed. Any attempts to reinstate an article require a new discussion first, or the article will be deleted immediately.

Unneeded categories[edit]

    Category:Castle Oblivion
    Category:Castle of Dreams
    Category:Country of the Musketeers
    Category:Deep Space
    Category:Destiny Islands
    Category:Disney Castle
    Category:Dwarf Woodlands
    Category:Enchanted Dominion
    Category:Halloween Town
    Category:Hundred Acre Wood Characters
    Category:Land of Dragons
    Category:Mysterious Tower
    Category:Olympus Coliseum
    Category:Radiant Garden
    Category:Symphony of Sorcery
    Category:Timeless River
    Category:Traverse Town
    Category:Twilight Town

Delete: The worlds sub-categories. Some of these worlds aren't in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ, and these are medal categories. We can link to the khwiki on the medal page for this information. -Rikki21 21:05, 13 June 2016 (PDT)