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A list of all enemies in the game with their descriptions and attribute.


Enemy Name Description Attribute Quest
Shadow KHX.png
Shadow (シャドウ
This Heartless often travels in a group. Finish off a swarm quickly with an all-encompassing attack or special attack! 64 Quests
Gigas Shadow KHX.png
Gigas Shadow (ギガントシャドウ
Giganto Shadou
?, lit. "Gigant Shadow")
This Heartless's HP gauge is as monstrous as the creature itself! When it increases its strength, use special attacks to remove any boosts as quickly as possible. 64 Quests
Mega-Shadow KHX.png
Mega-Shadow (メガシャドウ
Mega Shadou
This Mega-Monster has its guard down for the first 2 turns. Defeat it quickly before it unleashes a mega-dose of damage! 64 Quests
Flower Rider KHX.png
Flower Rider (フラワーライダー
Furawā Raidā
Don't let its appearance deceive you. This flower definitely has thorns! It also inflicts enemies with sleep and heals its allies. 64 Quests
Candy Apple KHX.png
Candy Apple (アップルフェイス
Appuru Feisu
?, lit. "Apple Face")
Though it looks sweet, this is one bad apple. Equip Medals with healing capabilities before taking on this powerful and poisonous fiend. 64 Quests
Poison Apple KHX.png
Poison Apple (アップルヘッド
Appuru Heddo
?, lit. "Apple Head")
Rotten to the core, this apple-like enemy powers up its allies and assails opponents with strong attacks. 64 Quests
Gift Shadow KHX.png
Gift Shadow (ギフトシャドウ
Gifuto Shadou
The best things come in small packages! This festive Heartless drops plenty of attack prizes, so fill your gauge, then launch your attack! 64 Quests
Lion Dancer KHX.png
Lion Dancer (シシダンサー
Shishi Dansā
??? 64 Quests
Soldier KHX.png
Soldier (ソルジャー
Power Medals are most effective against this enemy. Defeat it before it unleashes a strong offensive attack. 64 Quests
Pumpkin Soldier KHX.png
Pumpkin Soldier (パンプキンソルジャー
Panpukin Sorujā
Possessing an almost impenetrable defense, this enemy's strength grows with every turn. Find its weak point before it's too late! 64 Quests
Air Soldier KHX.png
Air Soldier (エアソルジャー
Ea Sorujā
A well-balanced Heartless. beware as it lashes out with a powerful attack when its HP is low! 64 Quests
Large Body KHX.png
Large Body (ラージボディ
Rāji Bodi
With high HP and defense on its side, this oversized adversary is one colossal challenge. Fill your special attack gauge beforehand! 64 Quests
Fat Bandit KHX.png
Fat Bandit (ファットバンディット
Fatto Banditto
This big bandit boosts its own strength before unleashing a heavy-handed attack. Use special attacks to overcome its assault! 64 Quests
Large Armor KHX.png
Large Armor (ラージアーマー
Rāji Āmā
A walking fortress, this Heartless boasts both high offense and defense. Use a special attack to weaken its guard before striking it down! 64 Quests
Huge Snowman KHX.png
Huge Snowman (ヒュージスノーマン
Hyūji Sunōman
An abominable adversary that lowers your defenses. Keep an eye on your HP and mirror its status enhancements to bring the heat to battle! 64 Quests
Ringmaster KHX.png
Ringmaster (ラウディマスター
Raudi Masutā
?, lit. "Rowdy Master")
The number above this circus leader gets smaller as you attack. Once it reaches 0, this monster will try to lower your attribute-based defense. Prepare wisely! 64 Quests
Red Nocturne KHX.png
Red Nocturne (レッドノクターン
Reddo Nokutān
A support-type enemy that boosts the strength of its allies. Defeat it before it has the chance! 64 Quests
Blue Rhapsody KHX.png
Blue Rhapsody (ブルーラプソディ
Burū Rapusodi
This Heartless works in harmony with its allies by healing them, though it does not have much HP itself. 64 Quests
Yellow Opera KHX.png
Yellow Opera (イエローオペラ
Ierō Opera
This enemy temporarily increases its strength before unleashing an attack. Use Speed medals to eliminate it on the double! 64 Quests
Green Requiem KHUX.png
Green Requiem (グリーンレクイエム
Gurīn Rekuiemu
??? 64 Quests
Emerald Sonata KHUX.png
Emerald Sonata (エメラルドソナタ
Emerarudo Sonata
??? 64 Quests
Violet Waltz KHX.png
Violet Waltz (バイオレットワルツ
Baioretto Warutsu
This support-type Heartless heals and boosts the defenses of its allies. Be wary if it appears with more formidable foes 64 Quests
Wicked Watermelon KHX.png
Wicked Watermelon (ウォーターメロン
?, lit. "Watermelon")
Watch out for this seedy character! Despite its hard rind, it's not too tough to crack with the use of special attacks. 64 Quests
Large Watermelon KHX.png
Large Watermelon (ラージウォーターメロン
Rāji Wōtāmeron
??? 64 Quests
Huge Watermelon KHX.png
Huge Watermelon (ヒュージウォーターメロン
Hyūji Wōtāmeron
??? 64 Quests
Festive Fireworks KHX.png
Festive Fireworks (ファイヤーワークス
?, lit. "Fireworks")
These pretty pyrotechnics are immune to status ailments. Use special attacks to win the battle with a bang! 64 Quests
Large Fireworks KHX.png
Large Fireworks (ラージファイヤーワークス
Rāji Faiyāwākusu
These pretty pyrotechnics are immune to status ailments. Use special attacks to win the battle with a bang! 64 Quests
Huge Fireworks KHX.png
Huge Fireworks (ヒュージファイヤーワークス
Hyūji Faiyāwākusu
These pretty pyrotechnics have lots of HP and are immune to status ailments. Use special attacks to win the battle with a bang! 64 Quests
Jack O' Lantern KHX.png
Jack O' Lantern (ジャックオーランタン
Increases all attribute defenses on the first turn. Wait until the effects disappear, dispel them yourself, or attack with a neutral special attack! 64 Quests
Swaying Spook KHX.png
Swaying Spook (スウィンギンスプーク
Suwingin Supūku
?, lit. "Swinging Spook")
This spooky specter possesses an almost impenetrable defense! Defeat it quickly before it lowers yours. 64 Quests
Wandering Spook KHX.png
Wandering Spook (ウェイバリングスプーク
Weibaringu Supūku
?, lit. "Wavering Spook")
The number above this spooky specter gets smaller as you attack. Once it reaches 0, watch out! It turns into one angry apparition! 64 Quests
Round Rice Cake KHX.png
Round Rice Cake (ラウンドライスケーキ
Raundo Raisu Kēki
The name of the game is speed—Speed Medals, that is. Equip as many as you can; otherwise, you may find yourself in a sticky situation! 64 Quests
Large Rice Cake KHX.png
Large Rice Cake (ラージラウンドライスケーキ
Rāji Raundo Raisu Kēki
?, lit. "Large Round Rice Cake")
The longer the battle, the tougher they get. Defeat them in the first turn before they get a chance to boost their defense. Pound away, and don't choke under the pressure! 64 Quests
Bitter Macaron KHX.png
Bitter Macaron (ビターマカロン
Bitā Makaron
A colorful enemy that boosts its attack power. Use special attacks to bring a sweet end to the bitter battle! 64 Quests
Mighty Macaron KHX.png
Mighty Macaron (タワーマカロン
Tawā Makaron
?, lit. "Tower Macaron")
This tough cookie is as sweet as it is sour. Get past its raised defenses is [sic] with an even tougher offensive, or use a special attack to dispel the effects. 64 Quests
Powerwild KHX.png
Powerwild (パワーワイルド
This monster doesn't monkey around—it uses buffs to increase its strength. Take it down quickly before it drives you bananas! 64 Quests
Cheery Ape KHX.png
Cheery Ape (チアフルエイプ
Chiafuru Eipu
?, lit. "Cheerful Ape")
This Heartless doesn't monkey around! It boasts high HP, so feel free to go bananas with your special attacks! 64 Quests
Bandit KHX.png
Bandit (バンディット
Thick as thieves. If attacked by a band of bandits, defeat them one by one before they can launch a simultaneous attack! 64 Quests
Red Bandit KHX.png
Red Bandit (レッドバンディット
Reddo Banditto
This tough bandit strengthens and heals its comrades. Its own HP is low, so defeat it with a special attack before it gets away red-handed! 64 Quests
Swordsman KHX.png
Swordsman (コモンソルジャー
Komon Sorujā
?, lit. "Common Soldier")
Stay sharp as this wily warrior uses poison. Guard your HP closely as you match blades and prove once and for all that the key is mightier than the sword! 64 Quests
Search Ghost KHX.png
Search Ghost (サーチゴースト
Sāchi Gōsuto
A spooky specter for more than one reason. It boasts boosted strength, so dispel the effects or else you won't stand a ghost of a chance! 64 Quests
Gargoyle KHX.png
Gargoyle (ガーゴイル
This winged Heartless stuns foes and negates status effects. Use Medals with high attack power to bring it down! 64 Quests
Darkball KHX.png
Darkball (ダークボール
Boasting high HP and strength, this sinister Heartless boosts its stats even further and lowers those of opponents to gain an edge in battle. 64 Quests
Wyvern KHX.png
Wyvern (ワイバーン
A high-flying Heartless with HP and strength to match. Dispel its status enhancements or paralyze it to bring it down to earth! 64 Quests
Defender KHX.png
Defender (ディフェンダー
This Heartless lives by the words "the best offense is a good defense." Utilize your special attacks to overcome its mighty guard, then claim victory! 64 Quests
Armed Warrior KHX.png
Armed Warrior (アームドウォーリアー
Āmudo Wōriā
A tenacious threat that thrives in long battles. Use special attacks to smash through its iron defenses and bring it down in two turns! 64 Quests
Wizard KHX.png
Wizard (ウィザード
This Heartless is a double threat with its high attack power and abundance of HP. Defeat it before it has a chance to use its boosts! 64 Quests
High Wizard KHX.png
High Wizard (ハイウィザード
Hai Wizādo
Speed-type special attacks work like magic on this Heartless! Fill your special attack gauge before challenging this mighty wizard. 64 Quests
Gold Tricholoma KHUX.png
Gold Tricholoma (ゴールドトリコローマ
Gōrudo Torikorōma
??? 64 Quests
Invisible KHX.png
Invisible (インビジブル
This nightmarish Heartless wields a large sword with ease and launches an all-out attack when its HP is low. 64 Quests
Neoshadow KHX.png
Neoshadow (ネオシャドウ
Neo Shadou
A fearsome foe and jack-of-all-trades boasting boosted attack power, poison, and more. Charge your special attack gauge before engaging in this battle! 64 Quests
Creeper Plant KHX.png
Creeper Plant (クリーププラント
Kurīpu Puranto
?, lit. "Creep Plant")
A plant-like Heartless which inflicts opponents with status ailments. Equip recovery Medals and use special attacks to nip it in the bud! 64 Quests
White Rose KHX.png
White Rose (カームネスローズ
Kāmunesu Rōzu
?, lit. "Calmness Rose")
This rose definitely has thorns, boasting high HP, healing abilities, and sleep-inducing attacks! Cut it down to size before it becomes a thorn in your side! 64 Quests
Red Rose KHX.png
Red Rose (パッションローズ
Passhon Rōzu
?, lit. "Passion Rose")
A flower with a lot of power. Weed it out before it boosts its strenght and blossoms into a whole new problem. 64 Quests
Creeper Bouquet KHX.png
Creeper Bouquet (クリープブーケ
Kurīpu Būke
?, lit. "Creep Bouquet")
??? 64 Quests
Prank Bouquet KHX.png
Prank Bouquet (プランクブーケ
Puranku Būke
??? 64 Quests
Loudmouth KHX.png
Loudmouth (ラウドネス
?, lit. "Loudness")
Inflicts sleep on its enemies. Defeat it quickly before it makes a sitting duck out of you! 64 Quests
Rainy Loudmouth KHX.png
Rainy Loudmouth (レイニーラウドネス
Reinī Raudonesu
?, lit. "Rainy Loudness")
Inflicts enemies with paralysis. If you encounter this Heartless in a group, defeat it first before it toots its own horn! 64 Quests
Tornado Step KHX.png
Tornado Step (トルネードステップ
Torunēdo Suteppu
This Heartless boasts a tough offensive and healing powers. Use a special attack to defeat it quickly! 64 Quests
Egg Stealer KHX.png
Egg Stealer (エッグスティーラー
Eggu Sutīrā
??? 64 Quests
Terrible Tomte KHX.png
Terrible Tomte (ウィキッドトムテ
Wikiddo Tomute
?, lit. "Wicked Tomte")
A gift-bearing Heartless with a bag of tricks. Collect the attack prizes it drops and defeat it before it can lull you to sleep! 64 Quests
Bad Dog KHX.png
Bad Dog (マッドドッグ
Maddo Doggu
?, lit. "Mad Dog")
Don't let this dog have its day! Defeat it before it has a chance to use its paralyzing attacks. 64 Quests
Raging Reindeer KHX.png
Raging Reindeer (レイジレインディア
Reiji Reindia
?, lit. "Rage Reindeer")
This festive foe has hypnotic eyes that'll put you to sleep! Defeat it before your head hits your pillow! 64 Quests
Rush Sheep KHX.png
Rush Sheep (ラッシュシープ
Rasshu Shīpu
??? 64 Quests
Hook Bat KHX.png
Hook Bat (フックバット
Fukku Batto
This bat boosts its attribute strength and power-type defense. Dispel the effects or use neutral special attacks and you'll be off the hook in no time! 64 Quests
Minute Bomb KHX.png
Minute Bomb (ミニッツボム
Minittsu Bomu
Don't let its size fool you! This tough-bodied Heartless doesn't take damage easily, so equip Medals that deal fixed damage or have high hit counts. 64 Quests
Growth Egg KHX.png
Growth Egg (グロウエッグ
Gurou Eggu
?, lit. "Grow Egg")
A rare enemy that drops EXP Medals. Don't let it escape! 64 Quests
Munny Egg KHUX.png
Munny Egg (マニーエッグ
Manī Eggu
A rare enemy that drops Munny Medals. Don't let it escape! 64 Quests
Prize Egg KHX.png
Prize Egg (アイテムエッグ
Aitemu Eggu
?, lit. "Item Egg")
A rare enemy that drops materials, EXP Medals, and Evolve Medals! Don't let it escape! 64 Quests
Eggcognito KHX.png
Eggcognito (フェイルスエッグ
Feirusu Eggu
?, lit. "Fails Egg")
Defeating this rare enemy increases your chances of encountering a Raid Boss. Don't let it get away! 64 Quests
Shenaneggan KHX.png
Shenaneggan (ミスチフエッグ
Misuchifu Eggu
?, lit. "Mischief Egg")
??? 64 Quests
Shenaneggan KHX.png
Huge Shenaneggan (ヒューミスチフエッグ
Hyū Misuchifu Eggu
?, lit. "Huge Mischief Egg")
??? 64 Quests
Escapade Egg KHX.png
Escapade Egg (エスカペイドエッグ
Esukapeido Eggu
??? 64 Quests
Hammer Frame KHX.png
Hammer Frame (ハンマーボディ
Hanmā Bodi
?, lit. "Hammer Body")
Paralyzes its foes and boosts its strength and defense when low on HP. Hammer away at this Heartless with special attacks before it has a chance to act! 64 Quests
Cannon Gun KHX.png
Cannon Gun (エイミングキャノン
Eimingu Kyanon
?, lit. "Aiming Cannon")
This steely Heartless delivers a destructive blow during its third turn. You don't want to be around when it blasts off, so douse its fuse while there's still time! 64 Quests
Red Gummi Copter KHX.png
Red Gummi Copter (レッドグミスラスター
Reddo Gumi Surasutā
?, lit. "Red Gummi Thruster")
Equip Magic Medals or use special attacks to lower your opponent's attribute defenses before attacking this Power-type Heartless! 64 Quests
Red Copter Fleet KHX.png
Red Copter Fleet (レッドグミスクワッド
Reddo Gumi Sukuwaddo
?, lit. "Red Gummi Squad")
A testament to saying "there's safety in numbers." This squad boasts high power and speed defense, so use magic or neutral attacks to bring them down! 64 Quests
Blue Gummi Copter KHX.png
Blue Gummi Copter (ブルーグミスラスター
Burū Gumi Surasutā
?, lit. "Blue Gummi Thruster")
Possesses high defense against Magic-type attacks. Use Speed Medals or decrease its attribute defenses before making your assault! 64 Quests
Blue Copter Fleet KHX.png
Blue Copter Fleet (ブルーグミスクワッド
Burū Gumi Sukuwaddo
?, lit. "Blue Gummi Squad")
A testament to saying "there's safety in numbers." This squad boasts high power and magic defense, so use speed or neutral attacks to bring them down! 64 Quests
Yellow Gummi Copter KHX.png
Yellow Gummi Copter (イエローグミスラスター
Ierō Gumi Surasutā
?, lit. "Yellow Gummi Thruster")
Launch a Power-type offensive against this Heartless, or decrease its attribute defenses with special attacks! 64 Quests
Yellow Copter Fleet KHX.png
Yellow Copter Fleet (イエローグミスクワッド
Ierō Gumi Sukuwaddo
?, lit. "Yellow Gummi Squad")
A testament to saying "there's safety in numbers." This squad boasts high speed and magic defense, so use power or neutral attacks to bring them down! 64 Quests
Black Gummi Copter KHX.png
Black Gummi Copter (ブラックグミスラスター
Burakku Gumi Surasutā
?, lit. "Black Gummi Thruster")
A powerful enemy specializing in Speed-type attacks. Use special attacks to strengthen your defense against its speedy offense! 64 Quests
Black Copter Fleet KHX.png
Black Copter Fleet (ブラックグミスクワッド
Burakku Gumi Sukuwaddo
?, lit. "Black Gummi Squad")
This mob is literally a handful–of Black Gummi Copters! Keep Dispel on hand and be prepared to remove any attribute boosts. 64 Quests
Morning Star KHX.png
Morning Star (モーニングスター
Mōningu Sutā
When its HP gets low, it can raise its defenses and heal itself. Use a defense-decreasing special attack before attacking and it'll be seeing stars! 64 Quests
Gummi Hammer KHX.png
Gummi Hammer (カラフルグミハンマー
Karafuru Gumi Hanmā
?, lit. "Colorful Gummi Hammer")
An enemy with high attribute defenses. Defeat it with special attacks before it can raise its defenses any higher! 64 Quests
Gargoyle Knight KHX.png
Gargoyle Knight (ソードスタチュー
Sōdo Sutachū
?, lit. "Sword Statue")
A sword-bearing statue. It unleashes a fearsome attack when its HP is low, so use a powerful Medal to stop it stone-cold! 64 Quests
Chocolate Gargoyle KHX.png
Chocolate Gargoyle (チョコレートスタチュー
Chokorēto Sutachū
?, lit. "Chocolate Statue")
An unpleasant surprise lies beneath its sweet, chocolate exterior. With high strength and defense, this fierce Heartless will satisfy your craving for a tough battle! 64 Quests
White Chocolate Statue KHX.png
White Chocolate Statue (ホワイトチョコスタチュー
Howaito Chokorēto Sutachū
??? 64 Quests
Aeroplane KHX.png
Aeroplane (エアロプレーン
This self pilot trades defense for offense on the fly. Take it down before it gets a chance! 64 Quests
Gilled Glider KHX.png
Gilled Glider (カープストリーマー
Kāpu Sutorīmā
?, lit. "Carp Streamer")
There might be many fish in the sea, but this one thrives in the sky! Watch out for its high HP and use special attacks to bring it down before it can sap your strength. 64 Quests
Aerial Knocker KHX.png
Aerial Knocker (エアリアルノッカー
Eariaru Nokkā
This Heartless often travels in a group. Finish off a swarm quickly with an all-encompassing attack or special attack! 64 Quests
Armored Knight KHX.png
Armored Knight (アーマーナイト
Āmā Naito
?, lit. "Armor Knight")
When in a pinch, this Heartless throws caution and itself to the wind. Boost your defenses before taking on this formidable foe! 64 Quests
Possessor KHX.png
Possessor (ポセッサー Posessā?) This fog-like fiend travels in a herd and inflicts status ailments like poison. Clear the air with an all-encompassing attack or special attack! 64 Quests
Possessors KHX.png
Possessors (ポセッサーの群れ Posessā no mure?, lit. "Possessor Herd") A swarm of Heartless this smoky can't be good for your health! They inflict various status ailments, so bring the proper Medals to remedy the situtaion. 64 Quests
Pink Possessor KHX.png
Pink Possessor (チェリーポセッサー
Cherī Posessā
?, lit. "Cherry Possessor")
??? 64 Quests
Cloudy Sunrise KHX.png
Cloudy Sunrise (クラウドサンライズ
Kuraudo Sanraizu
?, lit. "Cloud Sunrise")
??? 64 Quests
Dire Plant KHX.png
Dire Plant (ウィードプラント
Wīdo Puranto
?, lit. "Weed Plant")
Possesses high strength and special attacks with healing capabilities. Get to the root of the problem with a strong offensive! 64 Quests
Fire Plant KHX.png
Fire Plant (ファイアプラント Faia Puranto?) This fiery flower paralyzes opponents and boosts its own strength during battle. 64 Quests
Ice Plant KHX.png
Ice Plant (アイスプラント
Aisu Puranto
Though rooted to the spot, this plant-like Heartless is far from defenseless. It utilizes sleep, healing, and Magic-type special attacks to take on opponents from afar. 64 Quests
Dark Plant KHX.png
Dark Plant (ダークプラント
Dāku Puranto
This Heartless will try to lower your defenses, but use special attacks to bring it back up! 64 Quests
Dual Blade KHX.png
Dual Blade (デュアルブレード
Dyuaru Burēdo
??? 64 Quests
Dual Durandal KHX.png
Dual Durandal (デュアルデュランダル
Dyuaru Dyurandaru
??? 64 Quests
Nosy Mole KHX.png
Nosy Mole (アチューモール
Achū Mōru
?, lit. "Achoo Mole")
This mole is nothing to sneeze at! It has more HP than a Shadow and sometimes lands critical hits. Guard your remaining HP closely! 64 Quests
Pester Jester KHX.png
Pester Jester (ドローリークラウン
Dorōrī Kuraun
?, lit. "Drawly Clown")
??? 64 Quests
Armored Archer KHX.png
Armored Archer (アーマーアーチャー
Āmā Āchā
?, lit. "Armor Archer")
A Heartless with low defenses. Use special attacks to defeat it quickly as it unleashes critical attacks in succession when its HP is low. 64 Quests
Bag O' Coal KHX.png
Bag O' Coal (チャコールバッグ
Chakōru Baggu
?, lit. "Charcoal Bag")
Adds fuel to the fire by boosting its comrades' attack power. Extinguish the flames one by one or risk taking heavy damage! 64 Quests
Bag O' Coins KHX.png
Bag O' Coins (ゴールドコインバッグ
Gōrudo Koin Baggu
?, lit. "Gold Coin Bag")
Not all that glitters is gold. This tough opponent uses the coins atop its head to launch a powerful offensive against enemies. 64 Quests
Bag O' Jewels KHX.png
Bag O' Jewels (ジュエリーバッグ
Juerī Baggu
?, lit. "Jewelry Bag")
A mixed bag of good and bad. This enemy heals its allies and attacks with the precious gem atop its head. 64 Quests
Chomper Egg KHX.png
Chomper Egg (バイトエッグ
Baito eggu
?, lit. "Bite Egg")
This powerful Heartless is all bite and no bark. Strike it down before it can lower your defense and retaliate! 64 Quests
Wind-Up Leaf Cake KHX.png
Wind-Up Leaf Cake (ワインドアップリーフケーキ
Waindoappu Rīfu Kēki
A soft and sweet exterior belies a hardened foe with high defenses. Take down this support-type enemy before it can heal its allies and reinforce their resistance! 64 Quests
Wibble Wobble KHX.png
Wibble Wobble (ワッブルチップトウ
Wabburu Chipputou
?, lit. "Wobble Tiptoe")
A precarious and powerful enemy. Use special attacks to knock it down to size! 64 Quests
Strange Tree KHX.png
Strange Tree (ストレンジツリー
Sutorenji Tsurī
Shaking this peculiar pine will earn you plenty attack prizes, but beware! You'll be sleeping like a log if this tree gets its way! With bark this bad, does it need to bite? 64 Quests
Pretender KHX.png
Pretender (プリテンダー
Disguised as a treasure chest, this Heartless hoards Lux and Evolve Medals. Beware of its surprise attacks. 64 Quests
Great Pretender KHX.png
Great Pretender (グレートプリテンダー
Gurēto Puritendā
Disguised as a treasure chest, this Heartless hoards Lux and Evolve Medals. Beware of its surprise attacks. 64 Quests
King Pretender KHX.png
King Pretender (キングプリテンダー
Kingu Puritendā
Disguised as a treasure chest, this Heartless hoards Lux and Evolve Medals. Beware of its surprise attacks. 64 Quests
Nimble Bee KHX.png
Nimble Bee (ニンブルビー
Ninburu bī
A busy bee that raises the attack power of all allies. Exterminate this pest before it stings back! 64 Quests
Stinging Bee KHX.png
Stinging Bee (テリブルビー
Teriburu bī
?, lit. "Terrible Bee")
This intimidating insect boosts its offense before striking enemies with its steel-like stinger. Bee afraid. Bee very afraid... 64 Quests
Darkling KHX.png
Darkling (黒装束
Kuro Shōzoku
?, lit. "Black Costume")
This Darkling is anything but darling! Watch out for poison and attacks that lower your strength and defense! 64 Quests
Cannoned Camel KHX.png
Cannoned Camel (キャノンキャメル
Kyanon Kyameru
?, lit. "Cannon Camel")
This cute cabbie will put you to sleep and lower your stats. Don't be fooled by its pleasant-looking smile! 64 Quests
Burst Balloon KHUX.png
Burst Balloon (バーストバルーン
Bāsuto Barūn
??? 64 Quests
Trouble Candle KHUX.png
Trouble Candle (トラブルキャンドル
Toraburu Kyandoru
??? 64 Quests
Poison Pot KHUX.png
Poison Pot (ポイズンポット
Poizun Potto
??? 64 Quests
Rush Rat KHUX.png
Rush Rat (ラッシュラット
Rasshu Ratto
??? 64 Quests
Ding Dong Bell KHUX.png
Ding Dong Bell (ディンドンベル
Din Don Beru
??? 64 Quests
Pierce Knight KHUX.png
Pierce Knight (ピアスナイト
Piasu Naito
??? 64 Quests
Wretched Witch KHX.png
Wretched Witch (ウィッチボマー
Wicchi Bomā
?, lit. "Witch Bomber")
A wily witch wielding potent poison apples as weapons. Using special attacks with healing capabilities is recommended. 64 Quests
Wayward Wardrobe KHX.png
Wayward Wardrobe (ノイジーワードローブ
Noijī Wādorōbu
?, lit. "Noisy Wardrobe")
A fashion-forward Heartless that boosts its magic defense. Use Speed Medals to take it out in style! 64 Quests
Enraged Elk KHX.png
Enraged Elk (マリシャスレインディア
Marishasu Reindia
?, lit. "Malicious Reindeer")
This hot-headed Heartless lowers your defense, but keep your cool. Skills like Paralysis and Defense Boost will help you defeat and calm this angry monster! 64 Quests
Darklings KHX.png
Darklings (黒装束
Kuro Shōzoku
?, lit. "Black Costume")
These Darklings are anything but darling! Watch out for poison and attacks that lower your strength and defense! 64 Quests
Wily Bandit KHX.png
Wily Bandit (ワイリーバンディット
Wairī Banditto
??? 64 Quests
Rush Rat Tri KHUX.png
Rush Rat Tri (ラッシュラットトライ
Rasshu Ratto Torai
??? 64 Quests
Werewolf KHUX.png
Werewolf (ワーウルフ
??? 64 Quests

Raid Bosses[edit]

Enemy Name Description Attribute Quest
Darkside KHX.png
Darkside (ダークサイド
With lots of HP and the use of various status enhancements, this colossal creature is one tough cookie. Dispel and Medals with healing capabilities are the key! 64 Quests
Darkside Ω KHX.png
Darkside Ω (ダークサイド亜種
Dākusaido Ashu
?, lit. "Darkside Subspecies")
Prepare for a lengthy battle against this powerful, poison-wielding opponent. Status recovery and healing Medals will be your guiding light through the dark! 64 Quests
Lion Dance Headliner KHX.png
Lion Dance Headliner (シシダンスヘッドライナー
Shishi Dansu Heddorainā
??? 64 Quests
Guard Armor KHX.png
Guard Armor (ガードアーマー
Gādo Āmā
True to its name, it has high defensive capabilities. Be prepared for what could be a very long battle! 64 Quests
Guard Armor Ω KHX.png
Guard Armor Ω (ガードアーマー亜種
Gādo Āmā Ashu
?, lit. "Guard Armor Subspecies")
??? 64 Quests
Sinister Sweets KHX.png
Sinister Sweets (クルエルスイーツ
Kurueru Suītsu
?, lit. "Cruel Sweets")
??? 64 Quests
Spiteful Sweets KHX.png
Spiteful Sweets (ホワイトリターナー
Howaito Ritānā
?, lit. "White Returner")
??? 64 Quests
Trickmaster KHX.png
Trickmaster (トリックマスター
??? 64 Quests
Trickmaster Ω KHX.png
Trickmaster Ω (トリックマスター亜種
Torikkumasutā Ashu
?, lit. "Trickmaster Subspecies")
??? 64 Quests
Jack in the Box KHX.png
Jack in the Box (ジャックインザボックス
Jakku in za Bokkusu
??? 64 Quests
Egg Master KHX.png
Egg Master (エッグマスター
Eggu Masutā
??? 64 Quests
Behemoth KHX.png
Behemoth (ベヒーモス
This beast boasts a mammoth amount of HP. It's [sic] paralyzing attacks make it a frightening foe; heal yourself with special attacks! 64 Quests
Behemoth Ω KHX.png
Behemoth Ω (ベヒーモス亜種
Behīmosu Ashu
?, lit. "Behemoth Subspecies")
??? 64 Quests
Hocus Pocus KHX.png
Hocus Pocus (ホーカス・ポーカス
Hōkasu Pōkasu
??? 64 Quests
Trident Tail KHX.png
Trident Tail (トライデントアンカー
Toraidento Ankā
?, lit. "Trident Anchor")
??? 64 Quests
Trident Tail Ω KHX.png
Trident Tail Ω (トライデントアンカー亜種
Toraidento Ankā Ashu"lit. "Trident Anchor Subspecies"
??? 64 Quests
Red Trident Tail KHX.png
Red Trident Tail (Rトライデントアンカー
R Toraidento Ankā
?, lit. "R Trident Anchor")
??? 64 Quests
Green Trident Tail KHX.png
Green Trident Tail (Gトライデントアンカー
G Toraidento Ankā
?, lit. "G Trident Anchor")
??? 64 Quests
Blue Trident Tail KHX.png
Blue Trident Tail (Bトライデントアンカー
B Toraidento Ankā
?, lit. "B Trident Anchor")
??? 64 Quests
Submarine Carp KHX.png
Submarine Carp (カープサブマリン
Kāpu Sabumarin
?, lit. "Carp Submarine")
??? 64 Quests
Savage Spider KHX.png
Savage Spider (ヴィシャススパイダー
Vishasu Supaidā
?, lit. "Vicious Spider")
Don't get caught in this arachnid's web! Otherwise, you'll be prey to paralysis, poison, and pain. 64 Quests
Venomous Spider KHX.png
Venomous Spider (ベノムスパイダー
Benomu Supaidā
?, lit. "Venom Spider")
??? 64 Quests
Enraged Arachnid KHUX.png
Enraged Arachnid (マリシャススパイダー
Marishasu Supaidā
?, lit. "Malicious Spider")
??? 64 Quests
Scourge Spider KHUX.png
Scourge Spider (ベインスパイダー
Bein Supaidā
?, lit. "Bane Spider")
??? 64 Quests
Wicked Spider KHUX.png
Wicked Spider (ウィキッドスパイダー
Wikiddo Supaidā
??? 64 Quests
Malice Spider KHUX.png
Malice Spider (マリススパイダー
Marisu Supaidā
??? 64 Quests
Fortress Crab KHX.png
Fortress Crab (フォートレスクラブ
Fōtoresu Kurabu
??? 64 Quests
Fortress Crab Ω KHX.png
Fortress Crab Ω (フォートレスクラブ亜種
Fōtoresu Kurabu Ashu
?, lit. "Fortress Crab Subspecies")
??? 64 Quests
Circus Fortress KHX.png
Circus Fortress (サーカスフォートレス
Sākasu Fōtoresu
??? 64 Quests
Queen Bee KHX.png
Queen Bee (フィアスクイーンビー
Fiasu Kuīn Bī
?, lit. "Fierce Queen Bee")
Watch out—this one will sting! And don't expect any honey from this busy bee; she's made of pure poison. 64 Quests
Queen Bee Ω KHX.png
Queen Bee Ω (フィアスクイーンビー亜種
Fiasu Kuīn Bī Ashu
?, lit. "Fierce Queen Bee Subspecies")
??? 64 Quests
Gummi Hound KHX.png
Gummi Hound (パープルグミハウンド
Pāpuru Gumi Haundo
?, lit. "Purple Gummi Hound")
The number above the beast gets smaller as you attack. Once it reaches 0, watch out! You'll wish you'd let sleeping dogs lie. 64 Quests
Assault Dragon KHUX.png
Assault Dragon (アサルトドラゴン
Asaruto Doragon
??? 64 Quests
Jewel Sorceress KHUX.png
Jewel Sorceress (ジュエルソーサレス
Jueru Sōsaresu
??? 64 Quests
Jewel Princess KHUX.png
Jewel Princess (ジュエルプリンセス
Jueru Purinsesu
??? 64 Quests
Closehanded Captain KHX.png
Closehanded Captain (キャプテンアヴァリシャス
Kyaputen Avarishasu
?, lit. "Captain Avaricious")
??? 64 Quests
Adventurer KHUX.png
Adventurer (アドベンチャラー
??? 64 Quests


Enemy Name Description Attribute Quest
Cloud (Battle) KHX.png
Cloud (クラウド
This contender packs a serious punch on his second turn. Defeat him before he can unleash it, or find another way to stay in the game! 64 Quests
Cerberus KHX.png
Cerberus (ケルベロス
?, lit. "Kerberos")
A colossal canine with a lot of HP. Find a way to withstand its first turn before launching your counterattack. Prove that three heads aren't better than one! 64 Quests
Hades (Battle) KHX.png
Hades (ハデス
The ruler of the Underworld. He boosts his defenses on his second turn, so wait until it wears off or counter it with your own special attacks to put out his fire. 64 Quests
Playing Cards KHX.png
Playing Cards (トランプ兵団
Toranpu Heidan
?, lit. "Card Corps")
The cards may be stacked against you, but don't give up! Make it past their second attack and play your own cards right to claim victory! 64 Quests
Master Ava KHX.png
Master Ava (予知者アヴァ
Yochisha Ava
?, lit. "Foreteller Ava")
Cunning as a fox, this fearsome foreteller boasts boosted stats all around. She also drops plentiful attack prizes, so use your special attacks to claim victory! 64 Quests
Master Ira (予知者イラ
Yochisha Ira
?, lit. "Foreteller Ira")
Status enhancements and powerful special attacks are a main part of his strategy. Focus on healing and defensive tactics to survive this battle. 64 Quests