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The following sword/shield icons represent status effects. These status effects temporarily change the STR/DEF of the Medals in your Keyblade based on their attributes. These effects have 3 tiers, and the tier number will be displayed on the icon. After the Union cross update, The tier limit was released allowing for infinite tier boosts.

The other icons represent status ailments.

   Increased Strength (Tier)
   Increased Attribute-based Strength (Power, Speed, Magic)
   Decreased Strength
   Decreased Attribute-based Strength (Power, Speed, Magic)
   Increased Defense
   Increased Attribute-based Defense (Power, Speed, Magic)
   Decreased defense
   Decreased Attribute-based Defense (Power, Speed, Magic)
   Poisoned. Damage taken during every turn.
   Sleeping and cannot move until effect wears off. Sleeping enemies will wake up if attacked.
   Paralyzed and sometimes rendered immobile. This skips medal usage without attacking.

Whilst Enemies can have and use Status effects, the player is the only one who can remove them or copy them.

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