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This is a list of all types of Currencies in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.


Jewel KHUX.png

Jewels (ジュエル Jueru?) are the main currency in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ. Jewels can be obtained from daily login bonuses, by completing 5 Story Quests or Proud Mode Quests, from certain Events, or by purchasing them from the Shop. Jewels are used to buy Medal Deals and Premium Avatar Boards, to continue when being defeated in a quest, to instantly restore a Keyblade's Special Attack gauges, to increase Medal Storage, to refill AP, and to change Unions.


Munny KHX.png

Munny (マニー Manī?) is a recurring currency in the Kingdom Hearts series. In Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ, Munny can be obtained by defeating enemies, by completing 5 Story Quests, or by selling Medals and materials. The Moogle Medal is a Sell Medal, which gives a large amount of Munny when sold. Munny is used when fusing Medals.

Avatar Coins[edit]

Avatar Coin KHUX.png

Avatar Coins (アバターコイン Abatā Koin?) are obtained by completing objectives of Story Quests and Proud Mode Quests, by leveling up, and given away as rewards in various rankings. Avatar Coins are used to unlock nodes from Avatar Boards and Premium Boards.

Event Coins[edit]

Event Coin KHUX.png

Event Coins (イベントコイン Ibento Koin?) are similar to Avatar Coins, except they are exclusive to certain Events. In these Events, they can be obtained from objectives, as enemy drops, and from treasure chests. They are used to unlock nodes on the Event's Event Board. When the Event ends, all remaining Event Coins are lost.

Coliseum Coins[edit]

Coliseum Coin KHUX.png

Coliseum Coins (コロシアムコイン Koroshiamu Koin?) are obtained by completing rounds at the Coliseum, and by completing tiers at the Coliseum. They are used to unlock nodes on the Coliseum Boards. When the Coliseum ends, all remaining Coliseum Coins are lost.

Raid Coins[edit]

Raid Coin KHUX.png

Raid Coins (レイドコイン Reido Koin?) are very similar to Event Coins, being exclusive to certain Events. However, instead of obtaining them from enemy drops, they can be obtained as drops from Raid Bosses. Raid Coins are used to unlock nodes on Raid Boards. Like Event Coins, all remaining Raid Coins are lost when the Event ends.

Cross Coins[edit]

Cross Coin KHUX.png

Cross Coins (クロスコイン Kurosu Koin?) are obtained by clearing Union Cross Quests, as enemy drops, and from treasure chests in Union Cross Quests. They are used to unlock nodes on Cross Boards. Like Event and Raid Coins, all remaining Cross Coins are lost when the Event ends.

VIP Coins[edit]

VIP Coin KHUX.png

VIP Coins (VIPコイン VIP Koin?) are exclusive to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ. They are obtained as a bonus when buying Medal Deals, and are used to unlock nodes on VIP Boards.

Limited VIP Coins[edit]

Limited VIP Coin KHUX.png

Limited VIP Coins are exclusive to the English version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ. Like the VIP Coins, they are obtained when buying Medal Deals. However, the coins are only available for a limited time, and are used to unlock nodes on Limited VIP Boards.

Medal Deal Expiration Date Boards Available
Shop - Prime 7★ Deal 4 banner KHUX.png 07/20/18-07/30/18 Prime 7★ Deal
Shop - Prime 7★ Deal 5 banner KHUX.png 07/20/18-07/30/18 Prime 7★ Deal
08/06/2018 07/20/18 - 07/30/18 Premium Limited VIP Board
Shop - Prime 7★ Deal 6 banner KHUX.png 07/27/18-08/06/18 Prime 7★ Deal 08/07/2018 07/27/18 - 08/06/18 Premium Limited VIP Board

Special Coins[edit]

Special Coin KHUX.png

Special Coins (スペシャルコイン Supesharu Koin?) were exclusive to the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. They were obtained by selling Ultimate Cards in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] and used to unlock nodes of special premium medal boards.

Skip Tickets[edit]

Skip Ticket KHUX.png

Skip Tickets (スキップチケット Sukippu Chiketto?) allow the Player to immediately receive all the rewards from a Quest that they would have received if they had completed it, including Prize Boxes, Materials, Skill EXP, Munny, Lux, and enemies defeated towards a Raid Boss[?]. Skip Tickets are given as bonuses alongside most Jewel purchases, and can only be used on a Quest if all three of its Objectives have been previously completed. During a High Score Challenge, the Player can not use skip tickets to get a higher score, as it rewards zero points when the quest is completed.

Skip Ticket+ KHUX.png

Skip Tickets+ (スキップチケットⅡ Sukippu Chiketto II?, lit. "Skip Ticket II"), also called Super Skip Tickets (スーパースキップチケット Sūpā Sukippu Chiketto?), were awarded for every Special Coin the player collected during the final campaign of Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]. They work like normal Skip Tickets, except that they can also be used on quests with incomplete objectives.


Bronze Ticket KHX.png
Silver Ticket KHX.png
Gold Ticket KHX.png

Bronze Tickets, Silver Tickets, and Gold Tickets are a type of currency obtained from playing PvP Mode. They can be used in the Shop to draw on special deals, which give Blue Fairy Medals.

Friend Points[edit]

Friend Point KHUX.png

Friend Points (フレンドPt Furendo Pt?) are a discontinued currency that could be earned in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ prior to version 1.20[1]. They were awarded each time another user used the shared medal of the player, 10 from party members and 5 from non-party members, and could be used for a special Friend Draw that required 100 points for every attempt.

Notes and references[edit]