Illustrated Ventus

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This article is about one of the Medals based on Ventus.
You may be looking for other Ventus Medals or other uses of Ventus.

Speed Gem KHX.png 461: Illustrated Ventus
514: Ventus Illustrated Ver
Sun Gem KHX.png
Illustrated Ventus
An apprentice of Master Eraqus, and best friends with Terra and Aqua.

Kana ヴェントゥス イラストVer
Romaji Ventusu Irasuto Ver
JP Set 8
NA Set 5
Class Attribute STR DEF
Super Rare
5628 5565
Air Flair +5
Deals 13 exceptionally powerful hits. Lowers target's Speed-based defense by 1 tier for 1 turn.
Target Bonus Damage Gauges
Single Target KHUX.png Single Special Attack Bonus Level 4 KHUX.png 4 x3.50 3

Illustrated Ventus is a Super Rare Attack Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

Illustrated Ventus was announced on April 1, 2016 via the official KHUχ Twitter, and was released the next day.

In the English version, during the 08/26/16 - 09/02/16 Epic Medal Carnival, players had a small chance of drawing a boosted version of Illustrated Ventus that has 1,000 more base strength.