World of Chaos

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Magic Gem KHX.png 658: World of Chaos
708: World of Chaos
Moon Gem KHX.png
World of Chaos
A titanic battleship Heartless created from darkness by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness.

Kana ワールドオブカオス
Romaji Wārudo obu Kaosu
JP Set 16
NA Set 12
Class Attribute STR DEF
Super Rare
5706 5619
Dark Laser +5
Deals 7 immensely powerful hits. Raises Magic-based strength by 2 tiers for 2 turns.
Target Bonus Damage Gauges
All Target KHUX.png All Special Attack Bonus Level 5 KHUX.png 5 x2.70 3

World of Chaos is a Super Rare Attack Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

In the English version, during the 03/29/17 - 04/17/17 Epic Medal Carnival, players had a small chance of drawing a boosted version of World of Chaos that has 1,000 more base strength and defense. During the period, the Medal came with its Special Attack strengthened to 3 dots.