Sora & Riku & Meow Wow

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This article is about the Medal based on Sora, Riku, and Meow Wow.
You may be looking for other uses of Sora, other uses of Riku, or other uses of Meow Wow.

Power Gem KHX.png 599: Sora & Riku & Meow Wow
568: Sora & Riku & Meow Wow
Sun Gem KHX.png
Sora & Riku & Meow Wow
A Medal celebrating KH 2.8.

Kana ソラ&リク&ワンダニャン
Romaji Sora & Riku & Wandanyan
JP Set 10
NA Set 10
Class Attribute STR DEF
5355 5290
Heroic Surge +5
Deals 3 extremely powerful hits. Slightly recovers HP.
Target Bonus Damage Gauges
Single Target KHUX.png Single Special Attack Bonus Level 3 KHUX.png 3 x3.00 3

Sora & Riku & Meow Wow is an Event Attack Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ. To get it, players have to evolve any of 6★ KH 3D Riku, 6★ KH 3D Sora, or 6★ Meow Wow with the two other Medals.

In the Japanese version, Sora & Riku & Meow Wow was available during the KH 2.8 Announcement Commemoration Event P2 from June 16 to 26, 2016.

In the English version, the Medal was added on February 2, 2017, with the KH2.8 Launch Celebration - Get the Exclusive Sora & Riku & Meow Wow Medal! Event added the next day.