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This article is about the "Jafar-Genie" Medal.
You may be looking for the "Jafar" Medal.

Power Gem KHX.png 572: Jafar-Genie
627: Jafar Genie Ver
Moon Gem KHX.png
Aladdin (1992)
An all-powerful genie. Jafar steals the lamp and uses his final wish to achieve this transformation.

Kana ジャファー魔人Ver
Romaji Jafā Majin Ver
JP Set 12
NA Set 9
Class Attribute STR DEF
5673 5527
Raging Blaze +5
Deals 3 hits. Inflicts more damage the higher the slot number.
Target Bonus Damage Gauges
All Target KHUX.png All Special Attack Bonus Level 4 KHUX.png 4 x1.66~3.04 1

Jafar-Genie is an Event Attack Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

In the Japanese version, Jafar-Genie was available as a reward in the fifth High Score Challenge from August 26 to 31, 2016. In the English version, it was available as a reward in the twelfth High Score Challenge from December 22 to 25, 2016.