Quest 314: Who's a Good Boy?

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Who's a Good Boy?
Olympus Coliseum Logo KH.png
Maps: Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber
AP Level Raid Boss
18 103 ???
Power Gem KHX.pngCerberus

EN Objectives
Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns Avatar Coin KHUX.png6 Avatar Coin
Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns Title KHUX.png"" Title
Complete without having to continue Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
JP Objectives
Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns Avatar Coin KHUX.png5 Avatar Coin
Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns Title KHUX.png"" Title
Complete without having to continue Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Story summary[edit]


Before quest
[Hades enters the screen.]
  • Hades: "Sheesh! After all the trouble I go through to bring a champion here, he has the gall to refuse my generous offer. When I get my hands on Mr. "I'm So Aloof," I swear I'll--!"
[Hades walks past the player.]
  • Hades: "Wait a second. I don't remember inviting guests."
[Hades walks up to the player.]
  • Hades: "You! What do you think you're doing here? Know what? I don't care."
[Hades snaps his fingers. Cerberus appears behind you, snarling.]
  • Hades: "I'm done playing nice. Cerberus! It's dinner time! Bon appétit!"
[Hades disappears in a flash of flames.]
  • Hades: "I'll be watching from the best seat in the house."
After quest
[Cerberus falls down then runs away. Hades reappears.]
  • Hades: "That's right, run! Tomorrow, I'm getting a real guard dog! One with four heads, who breathes fire! Why is everyone against me today!?"
[Hades turns red in anger.]
  • Hades: "I swear, I haven't had this much trouble since the ferryman went on strike."
[Hades calms down.]
  • Hades: "No. No. I'm cool. I can fix this. I just have to think... Think! Eureka! I am a genius! All I gotta do is talk some sense into this kid..."
[Hades walks toward the player.]
  • Hades: "Hey, my friend. My buddy. My chum. Who woulda though you'd defeat Cerberus? Trust me, nobody woulda taken that bet. But hey, you know what they say? Don't judge a scroll by its roll. Now I'm thinkin' you wanna be stronger, right? Well I know just the guy to help you. Me! Come on, don't be shy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You'll be mentored by the one and only lord of the dead. Waddaya say, pal?"
[The player nods.]
  • Hades: "Great, it's a deal!"
[Hades slaps the player on the back.]
  • Hades: "Well, long story short, darkness is the only real power in the world. "Why?" you ask. Because everything was born from darkness. So if you can control the darkness, you can control everything. Take it from me, the expert on all things dark and deadly. Oh! Almost forgot. I need proof that you can handle the darkness in the Underworld. You know, like a little test. I got it."
[Hades points behind the player. The player turns to look.]
  • Hades: "Your first job as my underling is to get to my office. Alive."
[Hades disappears.]
  • Hades: "Little advice: don't keep me waiting."
[Chirithy appears.]
  • Chirithy: "So you're really going... Remember where you are: the Underworld. Wielding darkness may be the shortcut to power, but you might not be able to turn back once you head down that road... But in the end... what you do is up to you. I'm here to watch over you. That's all."
[Chirithy disappears.]
[Traverse the Valley of the Dead and head to Hades' Chamber.]



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Bad Dog KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Bad Dog Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber
Bad Dog KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png3 Bad Dogs Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber
Great Pretender KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Great Pretender Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber Has a chance of appearing.
Cerberus KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Cerberus Cave of the Dead: Inner Chamber Target Enemy
Total Heartless: 6

Enemy types[edit]


Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 2 KHX.png Attack Prize Cave of the Dead: Entrance Near the entrance

Quest walkthrough[edit]

Cerberus stars off the battle with +2 ATK. Therefore, it is highly recommended you have Alice for this fight, either on your own keyblade or as your friend medal. Alice will be able to remove Cerberus' buffs which will allow you to survive the next turn. If you or none of your friends have Alice, a medal that raises your defense, like Dr. Jumba Jookiba, will help immensely to survive the first turn.

The poison skill will also help immensely in this battle, so equipping a magic medal that has it will help. Vivi, DiZ, KH II Aerith, or medals that raise your magic attack are a must as well. As well as powerful magic medals, like a 6★ max SAB Yuna, or a 6★ HD Aqua.

Naminé is also extremely helpful, because she copies buffs. Since Cerberus starts with +2 ATK, using her in addition to Vivi or the like will grant you +3 ATK, greatly increasing your attack on the first turn.